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Im so fed up with people blaming the parents because of how they told their daughter to supress her powers. Have you seen the movie?

When Paddie shows them that “Fear will be Elsa’s enemy” does the vision show her being scared? It doesnt. It shows her using her powers openly, controling them, doing beautiful swirls… and people getting scared of those powers and attacking her.

So of course her parents didn’t wanted people to see her powers. Her father wanted her to control them and hide them for her protection. And he tried to help her, guide her, calm her. He looked for easy ways to help her feel safe and confident as a child. Hence the gloves and the assuring lines that if she was calm and relaxed she could control them. Did he wanted to isolate her forever as a beast? He did not. He said UNTIL she gain control they would have less people around her to avoid the risk. Im sure he never meant for her to get so scared, or depress or anything. He didn’t wanted her to push him away. But he was always kind, and calm and understood his anxious daughter. He never pushed her limits, he gave her the space that she needed and without wanting it things went out of hands. It was the recipe for disaster, I know. But he did the best that he could with the vision Paddie showed them.

It’s like when they missunderstand the quote of “An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart” they think in a ver narrow way that an act of true love must be a true love kiss. They had to be literally then. Does someone fully blame Anna for thinking that was the only way to save herself? But when the parents take the quote of “Fear will be your enemy” AND the vision too literally people DO blame them.

What if they didn’t do anything about it? What if an AU Elsa did control her powers, used them openly in her kingdom and that started a war with Arendelle and Weselton?

What if all that happened in the movie is because she couldnt escape her destiny?

Bet Tumblr would still blame the parents then.

And that’s just sad.